GVPL Saanich Centennial News Visual

Subjects & Spaces – Alannah MacPhail @ Saanich Centennial

20 September – 16 December 2022

GVPL Saanich Centennial Branch

3110 Tillicum Rd, Victoria, BC

Working as both a visual artist and an Art Therapist, I believe deeply in the resilience and courage of the human spirit, our ability to create change in our lives, and our need for compassion and connection. When I begin a new painting I rarely have an idea of the final picture. I gather a variety of materials – colours and tools – that speak to me, put on some great music, warm up by painting onto the canvas words, quotes, lyrics or simply splashing on colourful marks. Layers are often worked in this manner, each layer in response to each other. Each layer informs and transforms the next. Much like life!

I would describe my approach to art-making as expressive, intuitive, abstracted/realistic and bold. In my work, I explore the relationships between colours, textures and shapes often using a subtractive approach to find an image or theme in the layers of work. I love to work on canvas, paper, and most recently cradleboard using  acrylics or a mixed media approach: collage, paints, inks, etc. Favourite subjects include the human form, florals, and landscapes. Painting portraits and figures brings out the storyteller in me; painting florals and forests brings out the poet.