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Carole Finn @ YYJ Airport

9 April – 5 July 2024
1640 Electra Boulevard, Sidney, BC
Daily, 3:30am – 1:30am
The venue at YYJ is the café area before security.

About the Work and Artist:
Canadian artist Carole Finn is a passionate advocate of celebrating and safeguarding the wild, natural spaces of Canada. In her lifetime as an artist and art educator, she established one of Canada’s lauded art colleges, the Haliburton School of Art and Design, SSFC; in the Great Canadian Shield of Ontario; has founded a public art galleries with a mission-based role to introduce art and engage with the surrounding community; and has incubated various art groups of differing disciplines into the Haliburton Guild of the Arts, later called the Haliburton County arts Council.

In 2009, after receiving the Queens Medal and many other awards for her work, Finn finally followed her heart’s desire to be a full-time professional artist in 2009, bringing to life her years of study at OCAD, York University Fine Arts in Toronto and lastly at her beloved Community College, Haliburton HSAD.

In her landscapes, Carole attempts to capture not only the spirit of the place but also its atmosphere. The images she chooses to paint, are iconographic, representing that particular and unique place. She loves using shapes, value and color to build the drama in her compositions. Her animals, which are part of the fabric of these environments, tell their stories and ask the viewer questions through their eyes.

Carole is a passionate artist/educator; and loves sharing her love for art and the technique of making art. Recently a full-time transplant to the west coast of British Columbia; she is now based in Oak Bay, Victoria BC. Her art works are always available to be viewed and purchased at Art Atelier located in Sooke that is open by appointment.