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Rylan Wondga @ GVPL Saanich Centennial

5 Dec – 1 March2023
GVPL Saanich Centennial Branch
3110 Tillicum Rd, Victoria, BC

About the Artist:

Hello my name is Rylan Wondga. I am a Vancouver Island based artist. I have been a creative person all my life, but for the last four years have been taking being creative and art much more seriously. My medium of choice is collage while dabbling in painting and photography. I am completely self-taught with little to no formal training which has allowed me to develop my unique style.

Artist Statement: 

These collages represent a possible space between us. A realm we are unable to see or sense at all times but can tap into through psychedelic experiences or meditation. With some spouting vibrant colours and a liquid  movement with others more dark and jagged or a combination of the two. They display a possible that everyone can connect to differently. Using images found in thrifted art and mens magazines, a paint brush and large tub of dodge dodge, I create these psychedelic scenes.