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Lesley Turner @ GVPL Emily Carr

23 Jan – 23 April 2024
GVPL Emily Carr Branch
3521 Blanshard St #101, Victoria, BC
MTWFS 10am-6pm / Th 10am-7pm

Artist Statement:
As an artist, each of my artwork series begins with thorough research on an issue or concept. I explore, read, touch, draw, and take photographs, accumulating research materials and ideas in my workbook. As I wait for an epiphany, usually in the middle of the night or when alone, all the ideas percolate, and the work appears in my mind’s eye as a whole or a deep feeling. I then assemble all the necessary elements to bring my vision to life, including deciding on a meaningful color scheme, thread and fabric selection, technique sampling, and sketching.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and making my pieces accessible while raising collective awareness and sparking conversations encouraging change. My work is sincere and profound, visually expressing crucial issues that resonate with a broad audience.

Lesley Turner, a fiber artist in British Columbia, Canada, explores the human-nature relationship, aiming to raise environmental awareness. She holds a first-class honors Embroidered Textiles degree from Middlesex University (2012) and a Certificate in Visual Design from Calgary University (2007). Lesley also holds City and Guilds of London certificates in Embroidery and Design.

Having exhibited worldwide, Lesley co-founded the Articulation Textile Group 23 years ago. Notable exhibitions include The Cheongju International Craft Biennale in Korea and the World of Threads Festival in Ontario. She is the British Colombia and Yukon regional representative for the Surface Design Association.

Her current work emphasizes humanity’s link to nature, using domestic linens like bedsheets, blankets, and table linens. Lesley encourages mindfulness and responsibility for our environment, driving positive change.

Working on a large scale, Lesley blends natural fibers with machine and hand stitching, creating installations highlighting our place in the ecosystem. Her art weaves threads of consciousness and environmental stewardship, inspiring change and appreciation for our natural world.