GVPL Bruce Hutchison Visual

“O Tell Me” by Victoria Edgarr @ GVPL Bruce Hutchison Branch

20 January – 18 April 2023
GVPL Bruce Hutchison
Saanich Commonwealth Place 4636 Elk Lake Dr.
MWFS 10am-6pm / TTh 10am-7pm

Artist Statement:
“O Tell Me” is an installation of a metaphorical journey using images, words and objects in a process of accretion, accumulation, and convergence. Yellowing with time, the paper remembers.

Seeking a scaffolding for dramatizing personal archaeology and experience, I claimed the seminal book Homer’s “Odyssey”.

The depth and resonance of my cultural ancestors gives me a perspective on what is lost when cultures are destroyed.

About the Artist:
Victoria Edgarr is a visual artist based in Victoria, BC. Her main medium is work on paper with printmaking, book arts and related multi-media. Her work connects the personal with collective histories and mythologies.