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CreativeMornings / Victoria: “Free” with Kriss Munsya

When someone is free to achieve their fullest creative expression, they become a beacon for all of us. How will you make space for your own flourishing and that of others, so that the world around you might also bend towards freedom?

Join us as we speak with SSNAP21 Award Winner Kriss Munsya on the topic of FREE

Friday, 28 January 2022


Virtual (register to receive the link)

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Kriss Munsya is a Belgian, Congolese-born visual artist currently living in Vancouver, BC. From a very young age, Kriss has been exploring art through drawings, photography, and video. His journey started with his long feature film “Us And Them” in 2015, shot on his hitchhiking trip from New York to Rio de Janeiro. Being on the road as a black male shifted his vision of the world and transformed his approach to art. After having directed his first documentary, Kriss focused on photography and decided to tell his story of racism and abuse that he was a victim of for a long time. “Saying without saying, showing without showing.” That is the mantra of his latest project, “The Eraser.” This project reflects critically on the past to inform transformational offerings for the future. As the protagonist revisits memories to reimagine his past, he tries to erase the dominance of Whiteness by transposing Blackness.

Munsya’s work “juxtaposes experiences of the past with desires of the future. It is a story of change and transformation that centers on a black man revisiting experiences that have been normalized in critical reflection of internalized supremacy. Things that at the time he thought were normal now have new meaning, and he wants to share the lessons within. He wants to erase those racially charged traumas to change his future. However, memory is not easy to manipulate! Digging into the past always brings up unexpected things.”