MLA Rob Fleming Visual

Paul Sandberg @ MLA Rob Fleming’s Office

Paul Sandberg will be showing a collection of paintings in our MLA Rob Fleming office satellite gallery for the spring quarter.

8 February – 3 May 2022

1020 Hillside Ave, Victoria, BC

Monday – Thursday 10am-4pm, Friday 10am-3pm

Artist Statement:

My art is a cynical reaction to the branded business of corporate art. In essence, my life is my art. How it manifests can be a poem or a painting; or how I dance, or what I do next. From sailing around the world to having children, philosophically, all is art. I would describe my methods as eclectic. Playing on subjective emotive and intellectual themes that have inspired them. Whereby, my different styles reflect different themes, different emotions on how I approach and analyze the world; to be able to conduct my life as an artist.

This is not navel gaze but a method to balance my intellectual anarchism to the inconsistent hypocrisy of an immoral world restricted by political idealism, and as an enlightenment to alternative realities.


About the Artist:

Born in Fort William, Ontario, Canada.

And first there was hockey and then university BPHE, (All-American hockey NAIA).

Then there was rowing, (Thomas Lipton Cup, NWIRA).

ART – premonitional series of 7, and 2 pig dogs.

Then there was sailing.

150,000 nm for 13 years. Hooked to UK.

Married, 2 children. U of Plymouth MSc.

Sailing/working off and on. Divorced

ART – Abundant.

Repatriated 2014 after 35 years. Thunder Bay.


UK -TB – UK – Kelowna – TB – UK – TB – Kelowna -TB – UK – TB – Victoria