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ABOT (Albert Joaquin) @ McPherson Playhouse

McPherson Playhouse Satellite Gallery
7 March – 23 May 2023
3 Centennial Square, Victoria, BC V8W 1P5
Available for viewing 1 hour before showtimes

Artist Statement:
I’ve been making Analog Eco Art pieces since 2010 focusing on environmental mindfulness, fandom and simplicity. Utilizing repurposed obsolete media, I create pieces that are bright, bold and scream fanatic of the subject. I was motivated to use recycled items due the abundance of materials like cassette tapes, VHS, film strips, CDs that were making their way to our landfills and I was determined to find a way to upcycle these materials into something creative and bring awareness to our growing global problem of waste. 

Most of the physical obsolete media we throw in the landfill are still whole and in working order. I was disturbed by how the mix of plastics, metals and other materials might affect our land and water, so I set off to find a way to best keep it from going there. All my pieces are of individuals, characters and artists who inspire me. I consider them my power pieces because when I look at them, they provide me with uplifting and positive vibes.

The current installation at the McPherson Playhouse in Victoria, BC is my first complete collection on exhibition.

About the Artist:
ABOT (Albert Joaquin) is a mixed medium artist living in Victoria BC. A Culinary and Pastry Chef by trade, he has developed and produced his artistic style and techniques for over two decades.

ABOT works with a collection of mediums and practices that include design, print, mold making, carpentry, electrical and mechanical engineering projects. His future project will continue his pursuit to reuse and repurpose material in another waste abundant field, the clothing and fashion industry.

For more information visit
Instagram: @abot_art