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CreativeMornings: “Design” with Dr. Heng Wu

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October 29th, 2021

11:00am – 12:00pm

Grab a cup of coffee and join us for a virtual talk with AGGV curator, Dr. Heng Wu!

We live in a world of design, an intention behind every encounter, every technology we touch, every structure we step through. Design is an alchemy, a marriage of material and meaning, investigation and inspiration, form and function.

To design is to create — out of nothing, something. To design is to play — an invitation to stay open and curious and reimagine in new ways. To design is to think — a method of learning through making, scraping failed experiments for fresh insight. To design is to be human.

Designers are called to operate in a way that transcends disciplines, making it possible to understand the world in all its complexity and envision passageways to more just futures. At their best, designers center the experiences of people whose needs have been overlooked, stepping outside of themselves and into their shoes. Design asks of us empathy and humility, if we are brave enough to answer.

Our Trois-Rivières chapter chose this month’s exploration of Design, Olivier Charland illustrated the theme, and Skillshare is presenting the theme.

About the speaker: Dr. Heng Wu joined the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria in December 2019 where she works as the Curator of Asian Art. She also teaches Museum Studies at UVIC. Before that she worked at Nanjing Museum, China as the Associate Curator and Chief International Officer, developing and overseeing international exhibitions and programs. She received her doctoral degree from the University of Bergen, Norway in 2011. Her dissertation explores the changes of regional museums in China during 1949-2009 with a special focus on their correlations with the country’s social political changes. She has worked on a variety of exhibition projects and has been invited to speak at museum conferences and forums. Her research interests include museum and society, museum communication, exhibitions and storytelling, the localization of exhibitions, and particularly the interpretation, presentation and representation of Asian collections in a global context.